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About Us

Kusum Pharm LLC

 Kusum Pahrn LLC is a modern enterprise for manufacturing of dosed non-sterile oral solids and non-sterile liquids for oral use.

Construction of the plant began in 2005 with purchasing of unfinished building in Sumy. In August of 2009 pharmaceutical plant Kusum Pharm was started-up.

Total area of the plant is 5,4 ha where 2 250 m2 is taken by manufacturing building, 2 740 m2 by warehouse, and 1 400 m2 by administrative building and quality control departments.

Specialists of Kusum Pharm LLC manufacture generic medicinal products of various pharmacological groups, and many of them were earlier not presented at pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that plant-produced medicinal products are advanced, highly efficient, and safe generic drugs. Many of them have modified drug delivery system.

Pharmaceutical company Kusum Pharm LLC specializes in formulation and manufacturing of medicinal products for patients that require cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and endocrine (diabetes mellitus in particular) therapy. It is a common knowledge that these diseases are the most popular in Ukraine.
Thus, at the present moment the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has registered above 50 medicinal products of Kusum Pharm LLC.

Plant has modern equipment for manufacturing of solid and liquid dosage forms (film-coated and uncoated tablets, suspensions, capsules, and dry granules) and advanced packing machines for blisters, strips, sachets, and bottles.

Products of Kusum Pharm LLC are mainly oriented at the markets of Ukraine and CIS countries. Manufacturing process at the plant has license of the State Service of Ukraine for Medicinal Products.

Plant has developed and adopted quality assurance system in compliance with EU GMP / GLP requirements that makes it possible to manufacture qualitative, efficient, and safe drugs in accordance with all international standards at every manufacturing stage, such as quality control of raw materials and pre-products, packing, by- and end-products of manufacturing process.

Physical-chemical and microbiology laboratories of the quality control department have advanced control-analytical equipment for instrumental quality values tests, namely liquid chromatographs, gas chromatograph, devices for pharmacotechnological testing of solid dosage forms (dissolution, disintegration, abrasion, hardness, etc.), IR- and UV-spectrophotometers, titrators, pH-meters, viscometers, microscopes, and many others.
Quality control department of Kusum Pharm LLC was certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Medicinal Products.

Plant has formed pharmacovigilance service that ensures proper objective monitoring of self-produced drugs in compliance with current regulatory documents in Ukraine, along with international requirements.

Success of the company is based on the quality, efficiency, and safety of the manufactured products, on high level of quality and business standards, and sufficient service level for target consumers.